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Almond and Lemon Cake from Visan in Provence

Total net weight : 120 g

6,90 €

57,50 € / kg

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The Albert Ménès almond and lemon cake from Visan en Provence is unique. This extremely tasty cake has been made in Provence, near the village of Visan, for more than twenty years. The pastry chefs produce their creations one by one, by hand, and bake them in a traditional oven. The recipe of the Visan cake, with its incomparable moistness, has not changed since it was created – finest-quality almonds, whole eggs and fresh churned PDO Bresse butter. The list of ingredients is short and 100% natural, as it does not contain any additives, preservatives or flavourings. The high almond content and absence of flour in the recipe for these cakes give them a beautiful texture and rich flavour.
Whether you enjoy this Almond and Lemon Cake from Visan in Provence for breakfast or at tea-time, try it with our many jams or marmalades for a perfect harmony of flavours. Impress your guests with an expert dessert by serving this Albert Ménès cake warm with a scoop of ice cream or stewed fruit.
Net weight :
120 g
Gross weight :
200 g