Sweet Biscuits

Genuine French "Petit-Beurre" biscuits from Lorient with dark chocolate

Total net weight : 65 g

3,83 €

58,92 € / kg

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Albert Ménès genuine French "Petit-Beurre" biscuits from Lorient with dark chocolate. The biscuits are made in Brittany by master bakers using skills handed down since 1937. These legendary biscuits, with their delicious coating of intense dark chocolate, are an unparalleled delicacy... The secret of their incredible flavour? Good ingredients, carefully selected in France: churned butter from Noyal-sur-Vilaine in Ille-et-Vilaine, extra-fresh whole eggs from Lanouée in Morbihan, flour from Binic in Côtes d'Armor, Guérande salt... Chocolate connoisseurs take note!
Delicious with coffee, it is also a perfect accompaniment to sweet treats, or just on its own!
Net weight :
65 g
Gross weight :
95 g