Savoury Biscuits

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Grilled Toasts

Total net weight : 100 g

2,96 €

29,60 € / kg

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The wheat flour used to make these mini toasts comes from French fields, in order to guarantee the best quality and the preservation of the terroirs. In the Provence workshop, the dough is first shaped into long buns which are baked in an open pan. This type of mold allows the dough, raising freely, to express all of its aromas and keep a natural shape. The long baked breads are then sliced ​​and delicately toasted in the oven. A recipe without coloring, nor preservatives and palm oil free.

These crispy, non-greasy mini toasts are delicious spread with tapenade, vegetable creams, sea rillettes or even game terrines. Topped with cream cheese or smoked salmon, they will be just as exquisite. They are ideal for making a convivial and gourmet moment !

Net weight :
100 g
Gross weight :
106 g