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Lucerne Obole Biscuits with Caraway Seeds

Total net weight : 100 g

4,76 €

47,60 € / kg

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The Albert Ménès Lucerne Obole biscuit is a Swiss speciality that was created from a traditional recipe in 1877. Its very liquid, slightly salty dough, with very little fat, is the real secret of this extremely light biscuit. Made from carefully selected ingredients, these wafers are incomparable for their finesse, flavour and crispness. Caraway seeds add a warm, aromatic note reminiscent of aniseed to the original recipe.
Crunchy and extremely light, Lucerne Obole biscuits bring an original touch of refinement to your aperitifs – the ideal accompaniment to a glass of champagne. Have fun combining them with our spreads for a dose of colour and flavour! 
Net weight :
100 g
Gross weight :
130 g